Certain Regions of Body Fat Affect Heart Disease Risk Differently

A study released today from the Journal of the American College of Cardiology discussed increased risk factors for heart disease dependent on the region of the body where the fat is located.

Belly fat, the study concluded, is associated with a raised risk of heart disease-related-factors. Read about the study here:


The study also discussed fat density, a relatively new measure that can help hone in on health risk factors.

Considering Dental Implants? Questions to Ask Your Dentist…

If you have been wondering about getting dental implants, and have questions for your dentist, then this guest-blog post by Vincent Mann is just for you. We hope you find it helpful- enjoy!

Our teeth are a critical part of our body and there are many different things that can become problematic with them. There are lots of ways that teeth may become compromised, damaged or cracked. When these issues come up, you have many different options, including dentures or bridge-work. We encourage you to ask your dentist about your options, and if you have further questions, go to the American Dental Association’s website: it contains a wealth of information useful to those with more questions on the matter. In addition, the American Academy of Implant Dentistry website has a wealth of information on procedures and choosing the right practitioner.

One option you might have, that lots of people choose, is dental implants. I believe that this is one of the best choices in regards to an alternative that will be structurally sound and reliable for years to come. There are several advantages in getting these implants. However, before we enter into the methods you will take advantage of when getting this procedure done, you have to know what these enhancements actually are, and the different ways you will be helped by them.

Dental implants are artificial teeth and tooth roots that replace decayed or missing teeth. It is possible to replace as many teeth as you require with this procedure. Many individuals believe that the tooth won’t look good enough to go unnoticed by others, so they don’t actually try to get the augmentations. The truth of the matter is these implants do seem to be quite natural and no one will have the ability to notice that the tooth is an implant. You may not even remember that you had a tooth replacement after a few years!

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Different Ways Dental Implants Will Assist You

Several other reasons that you might want to get dental implants, may possibly be:

– You may wish to have partial dentures that are not removable.

– You likely do not want to have gaps in your teeth, or between a bridge and your actual teeth.

– You are looking for more comfort in your dental solution.

Five Advantages to Getting Dental Implants

1. The implants are simple to maintain.

Unlike what you must do with dentures, you do not have to invest time taking them out to clean them daily. You clean them as you would your real teeth.

2. It isn’t a long procedure.

It generally does not take a very lengthy procedure to have them put in. When you get a dental implant, you can walk in then walk out in the same evening.

3. Brief recuperation.

After you’ve got a dental implant put in, it generally does not take long to recover. Your mouth may be sore for a short amount of time-but that won’t last. The pain may be less obvious if you take Tylenol or other pain reliever.

4. The enhancements will continue!

You might think that with implants, the enamel should be changed after some time, but often a dental implant will continue to work without issue for several decades!

5. You will just feel better about your mouth and your smile.

That is one of the greatest advantages to obtaining these augmentations yourself. You may feel a lot better about the way in which your teeth appear. They really look and seem like your real teeth, so you will not feel uncomfortable about the way your missing teeth look any more. Nobody wants to stay with a mouth that has missing teeth, and in the event that you get enhancements, you will not have to. You’ll need to grin and giggle more to display how excellent your teeth look!

What You Should Know Before Obtaining Dental Implants

Important Information:

#1: You’ll Pay More For This Type Of Enhancement Than You Would Other Solutions. This is one of the significant reasons that folks decide not to get implants. Often, dental practices do not permit insurance to insure dental implants. Most of the time, to have a dental implant, you’ll pay upwards of $2,000 for this procedure. That does not include the price of a crown though, which might finish up costing you another $1, 000.

#2: Is the Price Worth It? Many people say yes! It is worthwhile.

Having a dental bridge put in can trigger the two teeth that are being bonded or connected together to decay faster and become considerably more weak. This may be very dangerous for those two teeth, plus it can be a waste of your resources.

If you are asking yourself if it’s really worth paying that money, the answer is, for the most part, yes. You won’t have many problems with regards to getting an implant. It will not fall out and you won’t have difficulties with it decaying and thus wasting time and money.

You should talk with your dentist to make sure they are the right professional for the job, if you are feeling that the price is outweighed by the gains of these enhancements. Ask your dentist to ensure they are qualified to do the procedure. Those readers in the Northern Virginia region are encouraged to contact NOVA Premier Dental– they are highly experienced in both dental surgery and general dentistry matters. Their dentists helped me in the preparation of this article; for this I am very grateful!

Those readers wanting to see behind the scenes at a dental surgery office, technology-wise, are encouraged to watch this video on the subject:

Bringing Home the Upkeep-Bacon

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